Pissed Off


Over the last Five to ten years now social sites have become very popular. They seem to be appearing on the internet more and more. With huge numbers of people getting on the internet and trying to find something to do while their on the website.

Many of us who've ever been on these websites have seen that some seem better then others. The websites that are doing really will, with a lot of members are, Twitter and facebook. Both of these site let you just write a really small message letting people tell others what their doing at the time. It's not hard to leave messages about almost anything. You can even leave such things as that which you wrote on other sites to ensure that people will go and take a look at them. It's not a poor method to socialize and also have them want to follow in what your doing.

My yearbook, Yuwie along with a new social site called, People string are others site that you could socialize on. My yearbook is more just like a dating site then anything else. But, Yuwie and People string are sites that pay you to use the site. These two site lets you do all kinds of things. Have a blog, play games, send messages to friends. But, there's a down side to them though. To get making any type of money you need to bring in referrals. That's been my problem and since I'm not sure that lots of individuals to bring into those sites. I've not been making all that much money.

It is possible to bring in people. You can set up adds on traffic sites. You can test to do anything, however it is a slow process.

Social sites do have their draw backs. You possibly can make friends but many of times you really don't keep in touch with them. If your looking for more then friends then, they can be very good for that.

Each one of these sites have some of the identical things on them. To not much is different together. I think that using these sites are up the person that joins them.


One primary reason that social sites were made was to bring a whole bunch of people together all over the world. Lacking to bother with what someone thinks about you is another one. I think that creating new friends and meeting people all around the globe is important to make use of which sites can provide us an effective way of doing that. Reveals the mind and heart to someone that is from a different country and learning something about them and their current address. That is a good thing

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